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Friday, 13 January 2012

Belated New Years resolution maybe resolutionS

So judging at my New Years wish list I think I need to make some serious changes not that I am or haven't done alot already last year but its quite a list I racked up there and realistically not one a human being could pull of. Especially in just one year and that has a similar career as I do.

Working in the creative industry you do have to compromise living the high life but instead I do love what I do. It sounds cheesy but its true. Life is a constant balancing act and trying to figure whats more important to you and acting on it. So i'm currently working on several proposals for a brand spanking new job for the New Year so watch the space!
+ I'm going to be making more short films for the next Year
+ New Job
+ Posting on Post more often
+ Trawling through the millions of Apps to make life more efficient
+ Start running again
+ Read more 
+ Start a new sport
+ In general kick some serious ass!


  1. + move up to Scotland and keep younger sister entertained/sane. Also, start kickboxing- i think you'd be good at kickboxing.

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