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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Menu of wishes for 2012

I've decided to do a day of daydreaming, surfing the Internet and getting inspired for where I want to be transported to in 2012! So watch this space today and see the dreams appear. I think I'm going to approach it with the same structure as a game we used to play at school. Where you right down your most desirable country to live in, a country you wouldn't mind to live in and one you don't really like. This then carries on to what car, what kind of house, who you would like and not like to marry and so on. Then you would fold the piece of paper into a paper fortune teller and stop at the persons chosen number between 1-20, landing on their future house, husband etc. In case you don't know what a paper fortune teller looks like here's a pic.
These are the realms I will be dreaming in;
1. A house or apartment
2. Items to go in the apartment or house
3. A Car
4. The future husband but i'm fine with a boyfriend right now
5. a pair of shoes
6. a new outfit/look
7. dream job
8. holiday


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