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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It's been a while

I really wish I had internet at home so that I could post more. Instead of going to a friends or internet cafe at a time of day posting is just not on my mind nor do I have that much time for either, Posting is definitly something that comes to me once i'm at home and time to reflect and research. Anyway the image I posted is a screen grab of fashion film that is a will be keeping me occupyed for the next month as I'm hand drawing some animation for it. I also just wanna add that this screen grab is with no treatment and low res and I still love it! I'll be releasing a little taster as soon as possible but the teaser as well as behind the scenes will be released and reviewed in Marie Claire mag.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Rick Owen + Zebra Katz VIDEO

I love this VIDEO! This is definitly a style of interview I would like to follow but it wouldn't be anything without the amazing content so this is also a shout out to anyone in Jo'burg to please let me know if you see, hear or come across anything of interest. I really want to start interview and creating little docies of content within Africa once I have finally bought my 5D Canon Camera (hopefully this month, woop woop!)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Grazia SA is hitting the shelves tomorrow!!!!!!

I really can't wait to see if the Grazia SA will fill the gaping gap left from not having my weekly fix in London. I saw Kirsty Stoltz (Fashion Director for Grazia SA) a few days ago as we were both part of the LISOF judging panel for their annual magazine Protege. Kirsty said that the mag was based on Grazia UK as its originally an Italian mag so good news for me! Its going to be a very interesting to see what happens from here.
 I holding super high hopes this ones a keeper and I will definitely be buying my copy tomorrow, I hope its not too expensive!
Look at all those happy but a little scared faces. I would be if I was part of the team.
I will be creating a post tomorrow giving a little show and tell.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Suzaan Heyns 2012 - Willem interview

Another series to add to Suzaan's 2012 collection. This an audio of Willem who composed Suzaan's track for her fashion film and runway show. When Editing video's together you can really get bored of the track your using as he have to listen to it on repeat over and over again but Willem"s track did the test of time and I still really like it and I know it inside out now. The interview was also a funny one and one for the future but next time I will be prepared with a light so you can actually see peoples faces.