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Friday, 23 September 2011

SAFW - ELLE New Talent Awards

Overal I was impressed to see Elle new talent finalists raising the bar a lot higher this year so well done to all of you but there was one firm winner for me that didn't get the winning prize but completly stole the show. It was obvious enough to put him last but to brave to give him the prize. Imagine if he went first, everything else after would of lacked intensity. A little drum role and a round of appalause for Kutloano Molokomme.

On the other hand Kelly Esterhuyse was the Winner and I know I've stolen her thunder a little but her knits were really amazing and thats why the judges had such a hard choice on picking a winner, definetly my next choice! Using different elements and processes in the making of merino wool Esterhuyse alined these crafted textiles in a very instinctive human skeleton form. A modern day twist on Repunsel.

Have a look at the video I put together for Ifashion and cast your own opinon.



  1. Nice video Jo! I like all the close-ups, great to see the detail!

    And I must say, from what I've seen so far on other blogs and in articles, I think you may just be right about Kutloano. Stunning stuff!

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